Back to School Guide

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One of my favorite parts about a new school year was the new clothes that came with it! is one of my favorite online stores. You can find boutique style clothes for a fraction of the clothes. Here is a quick guide for back to school style for teachers, college students, teenagers, and our littles!


Outfit One: $47

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Free flow dress ($30) with a nice pair of flats ($12) and an inspirational bangle ($5) Such a fun way to keep the summer vibe going those first days of school! Inspirational bangle to remind yourself why you do the job you do when the littles are just a little too much!

Outfit Two: $39

613192_square_thumb_square  613172_square_thumb_square

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Comfy pants ($10), cute top ($11), sandals ($15), and studded earrings ($3). This is one of my favorite outfits. Comfy, classy, professional (easily change top out to strap tank top for a night out).

Outfit Three: $61

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613546_square_thumb_square 607003_square_thumb_square

Colorful pants ($17), detailed shirt ($10), peep toe heels ($26), and monogram earrings ($8). This outfit is by far my favorite with the mixture of style, color, and comfort. Friday Fun-day wear!


Outfit One: $42

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Cute pair of shorts ($10), tank ($10), heels ($18), and bright accessory ($4) make this outfit doable for the classroom, sorority parties, tailgating, etc! Classy and comfy is key to college attire.

Outfit Two: $51

624798_square_thumb_square.jpg  615852_square_thumb_square 617568_square_thumb_square 613487_square_thumb_square

Shorts ($17), Tank ($16), Sandals ($13), and a chic necklace ($5) make this outfit the perfect summer college outfit. It’s fun, trendy, and breathable (those of us in this Arkansas heat say THANK YOU).

Outfit Three: $31

95a8f8c6810b43e29cc59310a5213e08.jpg 624869_square_thumb_square

613287_square_thumb_square 613505_square_thumb_square

Hello comfort!!! Everyone talks about the walking activity on college campus and we believe it. Here is an outfit that is comfy, cute, and who doesn’t want a reason to wear yoga pants?? Yoga pants ($9), shirt ($8), sandals ($10), and necklace ($4).



Outfit One: $51

613540_square_thumb_square 580385_square_thumb_square 603206_square_thumb_square 611644_square_thumb_square

Floral top ($16), motto skinny jeans ($20), sandals ($10), and a cute necklace ($5). Super chic and yet comfortable is the best way to wow your friends on the first day of school.

Outfit Two: $45

613406_square_thumb_square f0434b17cbb34bd6a3616fa99265da23.jpg 600161_square_thumb_square 611819_square_thumb_square

Cropped ankle pants ($13), Shirt ($10), Sandals ($15), and Bangles ($7). I am in LOVE with the color choices offers in these pants. Pair them with a cute tank and some wedges for a night with the girls or to first football game of the season.

Outfit Three:$58

be9013819a504e5281e94647c33e0a1b  620638_square_thumb_square

618292_square_thumb_square 613493_square_thumb_square

Distressed jeans ($30), fun T-shirt ($11), cute peep sandals ($14), and earrings ($3) make this back to school outfit simply and fun!

Little Loves

Outfit one: $21

582362_square_thumb_square 5aee5feb86e844d39283cbcb5c2f4831 608189_square_thumb_square

Simple dress($11) Headband($2) and of course a precious backpack ($8). How cute is that mermaid backpack? I know a few little girls who would be over the moon to wear this outfit to the first day of school. I’d pair the dress with a cute pair of white sandals.

Outfit Two: $30

623078_square_thumb_square 89a4c5c0904844f39ad633527899096a


Shorts outfit (complete with a headband) ($12), shoes ($6), and a three piece lunch set ($12). Your girl will be feeling perfect walking into school in this outfit. Plus, who doesn’t want that lunch set??

Outfit Three: $38

613551_square.jpg  612799_square_thumb_square 2f590a80e9dc4c579834e190eed61add.jpg

Boutique outfit ($17), pearl sandals…umm, where are these in women’s size 9?? ($9), and DINO backpack ($12).


**All products contain affiliated link… that means I get money when you purchase at no extra cost to you**


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