My List

BeFunky-photo (6).jpgI LOVE LOVE LOVE a good list. In fact, sometimes I just make random one’s throughout the day to occupy my mind.. it drives my husband crazy but I can’t live without a good planner and a good list (throw in a couple dogs and I’m set for life).

I was watching one of my favorite movies this weekend (Won’t Back Down). One of the lines that gets me every time is “what are you going to do with your one and only life”. Though I have seen this movie numerous times, I was compelled to write what I wanted my life to look like:

– I want to be a good / fun / quality time mom
– I want to save animals
– I want to see the world
– I want to be at peace with myself
– I want to be accepting
– I want to make a house a home
– I want to inspire
– I want to read good books
– I want to dance in my kitchen
– I want to always date my husband
– I want quality friends
– I want to make memories over buying things
– I want to change the way people see themselves & the world around them
– I want to listen more
– I want to be free of expectations
– I want to LOVE Jesus
– I want to see the good
– I want to be the good
– I want to make a difference
– I want to leave a legacy of love, acceptance, laughter, and joy
– I want to stress less, live more
– I want to say yes to new adventures
– I want to live my one and only life every. single. day.
So, what about you? What is your one and only life going to look like? Is it going to be filled with adventure or is it going to simplistic and safe? How are you going to strive to live your life every single day?

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