Cheers to Twenty-Four Years

BeFunky-photo (8).jpg

As we have already established, I am a “goal/list” maker. It drives my husband crazy, but it fuels me! Does anyone else have that in their marriage?

Every year, I try to write down some goals to accomplish before my next birthday. I like to look back and see how much my life has changed/grown in the year past. It sometimes seems day to day that nothing has really grown when in reality everything is different.

For example, year “twenty-three” brought me: a house, Tucker, two fitness groups/trainers, a new car, new friends, blog, and completed a marathon.

Here is a list of what I hope to accomplish in year “twenty-four”

  • lose 60lb
  • Run 5k
  • Unassisted pull up (and/or chin up)
  • Start Masters (or continue education… depending on a test I have coming in September).
  • New job
  • Wear a two piece
  • Pay off car
  • Try short hair
  • Read 12 good books
  • Get “1188” tattoo (story to come later)
  • Take family photos
  • Dallas trip


What are some goals you’d like to see accomplished for yourself this year? What are you doing to get there?



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