Baby Steps

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I know you’ve all heard all the “diet” tips in the book. From KETO to supplements… you name it, I’ve researched the heck out of it. For the record, that’s what I do… research a diet until I find one flaw with it and decide diets just aren’t for me.

One “tip” I see over and over again is that to see significant, life long change, you can’t expect it to happen over night.

And, ya girl doesn’t like that. I don’t want to wake up for 5am class three nights a week, train for marathons, do personal training, and Heaven forbid eat healthy foods if it’s not going to make me “smokin’ hot” the next day. Nope, not for me.

When I don’t see instant results, I get discouraged. I wonder if I’m doing it wrong or just not doing something right. If maybe I should have started KETO when I said I was going to but never did…

So, because I have researched it and the answer is simple: Calories in must be less than calories out. Period. End quote. That simple. I have decided to take you guys on my year journey with me… each month I will give myself “baby steps” to work on. At the end of the month, I’ll update you all (honestly) on how I did with each goal, which ones were easier than I thought, which were harder, etc. as well as “body” updates (still debating if that means pounds lost, changes I’m seeing, before and after pics… probably a mix of sorts)


  1. Under 2000 cal a day (for the record… I know this isn’t as low as I need to get but it’s lower than what I’ve been doing… baby steps ya’ll. Baby steps).
  2. Burn at least 500 calories 3x per week
  3. Drink 4 bottles of water per day minimum (again… see side note for step 1)


My September reward: a new pair of training shoes (because with October comes new steps… pun intended)



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