Foy Update

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So I don’t normally give updates on what is going on in our lives, but I decided that the change of season calls for that!

Summer was good for us. We spent days at the lake, days being lazy, and lots of time with our family and friends. Here are some exciting things that happened this month / over the next couple months:



I love it when I’m close to giving up on something I am passionate about and God sends a sign. Usually that sign looks like a challenge, something I want to avoid, and yet it ends up being everything I needed. This past “sign”, I call Ellie.

I knew when her bio was sent to the caseworkers Ellie was going to be fought for… I told myself I was too busy, I didn’t have time for this dog and I didn’t want to deal with the families that I knew I’d have to let down once we found the perfect home.

So, another caseworker took her. But, when a conflict of interest came about she called me and I knew I couldn’t tell her no.

And then, came Bella. Bella is a nine year old little girl who is non-verbal and in a wheel chair. Her mom (I could do a blog post alone on how amazing this woman is) wanted to use her “Make-A-Wish” to give her a service dog until she saw Ellie. At their meet and greet Bella’s four year old little sister walked a 100lb dog, that’s how gentle this girl is. She walked right next to Bella’s chair, stopping to look behind her to make sure Bella was still there. It was a match made in Heaven, truly. Ellie came from a non-kill shelter… a shelter we would have never looked twice at. They reached out because they didn’t have the resources to give her the home she needed and our program coordinator (another lady I could just gush about) gladly accepted her.


Ellie came to us broken. You could tell she had puppies, and you could see in her eyes their fate wasn’t ideal. She was sad, confused, lonely. She was made for greater things, this girl, and she felt it.

Two days after going home this is the picture I received:


She deserves that smile. Her family deserves her loyalty, and I didn’t deserve a single second of being a part of their story but I’m forever grateful I was.



Soccer season has started up again and we are EXCITED!!

Bryson is truly a joy to watch on the soccer field ( I’m going to have to dig on my old computer to find the video of him kicking a soccer ball around when he was tiny). I love watching his passion and skill for the game to life! He has grown so much over the past four years and I hope to see that continue.

I also adore the time he gets to spend with Keith in a sport they both love.


B-man, it’s my hope for you that when you look back at this sport, whether you play through college or quit in High School, that you look back on these memories, with these people and that hunk of a coach of yours, and you feel loved. I hope you remember how Kaykay and Coach showed up for every. single. game. I hope you cherish the time you got to spend with your dad on that field and know without a shadow of a doubt how proud we are of you… on and off of it! You are definitely worth cheering for!



I am currently reading “Start with Why” By Simon Sinek. It’s a “work assignment” but I’ve really enjoyed it and highly recommend it for any business owner, sales rep, or manager positions! Sinek really hits home how to make your business stand out but leading with your “Why” instead of your “How” or “What”.


Here are a few highlights I’ve come to so far:

“It’s in the tough times that loyal customers matter most”

“It’s worth repeating: people don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it”

“We are drawn to leaders and organizations that are good at communicating what they believe”

A quote from Henry Ford “If I would have asked people what they wanted, they would’ve said a faster horse”

“Articulating our values as verbs gives us a clear idea… we have a clear idea of how to act in any situation”

“There are many ways to motivate people to do things, but loyalty comes from the ability to inspire people”

Ya’ll… seriously that’s only up to Chapter four! Go get this book.



We have come to a point where we (Keith and I) understand that it’s time to teach B-man some responsibility and money management skills!

So, pray for us as we figure out how best to do that. I believe in starting out young the importance of saving, spending, and giving. I LOVE Dave Ramsey’s advice but I know there are things we want to do a little different (i.e. to truly find a way for him to give that also gives him JOY for giving and not feel like a “must”) etc.

Our plan right now is to give him seven chores for a dollar each with a bigger chore for a value of $3, making the weekly total $10. Being as how he doesn’t pay for ANYTHING currently, that’ll be a nice amount for him to start saving up and buying games, spending at the arcade, etc with.

So, mommas, give me your advice! What are some fun yet effective ways you helped your kids learn about money. Any “fun” chores your kids had to do (or you had to)?



I have been in a “slump” for what feels like years now! I’m slowly, but surely, coming out of it. I have started doing things for myself again that I love such as finding time for girls trips with my Momma and Grandma, boot camps, volunteering, marathon training, etc.

Momma’s / wives / women in general PLEASE hear me: You have to take care of you, too! It’s not optional. I tried so long to be what everyone else needed me to be. I changed my schedule at the drop of a hat to be “superwife” when Keith had to work late. I canceled plans I was looking forward to because of other responsibilities and one day I woke up and realized I was suffering because of it… and so was my family. I couldn’t remember a single passion I had. I couldn’t tell you who I was, who I wanted to be, and where I was going. I was stuck. And all I could do was emotionally eat and blame my husband. (Yet, couldn’t figure out why he’d rather grab a beer than hang out with me).

I am slowly learning how to be “me” again. I’m re-learning how to be my version of a wife and a mother, and not pinterest or any other form of social media’s opinion.

And while I’m not sure where my path is taking me career wise,  I’ve learned a few things I DON’T want, and there is power in that too!

I’m learning to enjoy the ride, all of it. I’m no longer wishing the days (and years) away. I’m learning to love my body while I work on it. I’m learning to date my husband again and spend time with the eight year old we have instead of wishing we were at a spot to grow our family. I’m working on house projects because I love our home instead of referring to it as “our starter home”. I am learning to appreciate my job for what it is instead of hating it for what it’s not.

And most of all, I’m trust HIM because I know He has a plan… and perfect timing too!


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