How We Saved Our Emergency Fund


As we are moving on to step two of the Dave Ramsey process, I’ve been asked how we managed to get baby step one done so fast!

To be fair, we already had some of the money in our savings which helped us to jump start our fund. Here are a few extra steps we took to get $1000 in savings in less than three months!



The best way to save extra money, is to find where that money has been going this whole time. I promise you, unless you’re Frugal Fiona, you have some wiggle room in your budget you didn’t even know was there… cut out the coffee, go shop around for better internet/tv deals (or better yet, cut it all together). etc

Here is the budget form we use!


We are fortunate that Keith is able to bring home a little extra money with “side” projects every now and then. They aren’t consistent but they are nice when they come about. We also found ways such as IBOTTA and Swagbucks to send us gift cards we could use at the grocery store to cut our grocery bills down!


This is what gave us the final $300 or so to finish out our emergency fund. Down side to a garage sale, longish hours, lots of people, and a heck of a lot of work. In all honesty, I’m not sure I’ll ever have another garage sale in my life, but if you’re looking for a semi-easy way to make fast cash, it’s a good option! Also, apparently a lot of people love them…


Keith and I have actually been doing this for years! At first our friends and family made fun of us, and then they started doing it too. It’s amazing how fast it’ll add up. Every week I go and get $10 in quaters as a part of Keith’s “saving” experiment. It has helped him save money and it’s making it harder for anyone to take our cash if they break into our home. Win-win!


This is the one we both struggle with the most. Lord is it hard to turn down a night out to eat with friends or going to catch the newest chick-flick but sometimes these “no’s” are necessary. Especially when you are working towards a goal together to put yourself in the situation to say “yes” for years to come.


So, there are our tricks we used to get the emergency fund in place, and tricks we are still using to pay down our three part debt (two car payments, one student loan). What are some tricks you used? What didn’t work for you?


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