October Update

October got on it’s broom and FLEW by!


We are officially in BABY MONTH!!

Our induction date is set (meaning we have a legit maximum day count down now!) and we are ready to meet the sweetest boy in the world.

Here’s a look at October.. it’s safe to say it was a good one!

IMG-4651 - Copy

We went to The Junk Ranch and spent the weekend in my favorite place in this whole world—NWA. Fayetteville will always make my heart smile. I long for the day Keith and I get to call it home.


And of course, more soccer games! We are down to one more game and a tournament, pending Luke’s arrival.

It’s been real FC, but this Momma is done for the season.



FYI: Keith is super embarrassing to go to games with. He yells. He corrects. He smarts off the refs. It’s real ya’ll. REAL.

But at least he’s cute.


“Aunt Sarah. You hair look like mine”

We’re working on “compliments” around here!


Emry Katelyn, I can say it until I’m blue in the face… I LOVE YOU!!!!

Truth be told, you’re one of the biggest reasons I reached out to your Uncle Keith’s sister a year and a half ago. As we were talking about eventually having a baby, I realized how much joy I have being your Aunt. To be honest, it didn’t bother me at the time that Kourt would be missing out on that end of it at all. But then it hit me. It hit me how much I mean to you. How much I’m (hopefully) going to always mean to you. And that’s when it clicked for me. I didn’t want to take that away from my husband, but I sure didn’t want to take that away from my children. They deserved to experience an Aunt the same way you do. They deserved to have someone who loves them, who is fun, who they can tell their secrets to. Someone I can trust to be a guide to them, while also knowing they aren’t going to tell me ALL the little things. Just as you and I will always have our own secrets, but I will NEVER keep something that could harm you from your Mom or your Dad. And, since I didn’t have a sister to give that to them, I knew what I had to do. So, long before Luke was ever decided on, Kourtney and I both buried the hatchet. I never would have thought it, but it was truly that easy. She (and Allyssa) is now one of my favorite people in this whole world. Of all the things I will one day regret, having her be a part of my life and my boys lives, will never be one of them.

I’m telling you this, because 1. I want you to see that even at five, you’re still teaching and growing me! You make me a better person. and 2. that sometimes your pride is going to get in the way. Don’t let it stop you from doing hard (or seemingly hard) things. Sometimes, those have the best rewards.

But also, please hear me and note: this was two sided. Kourtney chose to move forward with me. She chose Bryson and your Uncle Keith over her dislike for me. We both did. Not everyone is capable of that, sweet girl, and that’s okay! Sometimes you have to burn bridges. But some of them are worth repairing. I think you’ve got a good enough heart to know the difference when you’re faced with that choice!


A fourth shower for Luke!


I love my people. I love how far we’ve come, all of us. I love that while we aren’t perfect, Luke and Bryson will have a complete family. I love that my husband no longer has to chose because he gets all of us, “his girls” (minus Emry). I’d say he’s a lucky guy.

Or as my Papa would say “a thorn between two roses” (four in this case).


We started October at week 35!


We are ending October one day shy of 39 weeks!

Bryson was a “frozen” ninja for Halloween this year! This kid LOVED his costume. We got it the second weekend of October and he wore it every opportunity he got. I.e. every weekend, unless we made him get dressed, he was wearing it around the house.

unnamed (14).jpg

I went as a miserable pregnant lady. Safe to say I nailed it this year.

unnamed (13).jpg


That. Face. You. Guys.

Not going to lie, I thought these were creepy and stupid until it was my baby I was looking at. For all you Mom’s I secretly judged, I apologize. I get it now.

Lets all just hope his nose stays as adorable as his Uncle Jake / Kaykay’s and those cheeks are as kissable as they look.


Goals for October (all of which have been met):

  1.       No more than seven lbs
  2.       Read one book
  3.       Apply x 2
  4.       Hospital Bags Ready (Luke, carseat, B)
  5.       Facial



  1.       Lose 10 pounds of this baby weight (should be easy to do since fingers crossed I’m at least down a few leaving the hospital).
  2.       Read one book
  3.       Apply x 2 
  4.       Newborn Photos
  5.        Lucas Asher


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