Built Bars

So, every since being pregnant, I knew that once Luke was born I was going to want to do whatever I could to get my weight back to pre-baby ASAP. So, I’ve been stalking fitness instagram accounts, pinning smoothie recipes, etc.

I have also tried / ordered numerous products I saw others raving about in order to have a stock pile when Luke got here. I know me, being home all day means snacks all day! I’ll be sharing more as I try them, but YA’LL!

These protein bars are AMAZING.

smalls logos

My husband even referred to them tasting like candy bars.

So far, my favorite has been coconut (Keith referred to this one as an almond joy). I also enjoy the peanut butter.

The best part… that’s real chocolate they are covered in! And their stats are still amazing

110 Calories

15 G protein

6 G fiber

5 G net carb

4 G sugar

This varies slightly with certain flavors.

You guys. GO buy some. Now.

Free shipping and it evens out to about $2 a bar.

I started with the 10 bar sample pack and HIGHLY recommend it.

I’ve sense ordered the coconut since Keith and I agreed they were AMAZING!

Order here


Use code save12 to save 12% for limited time!



**Affiliated link**



Where to buy:

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