Christmas Photo Shoot

For the past two years, we have done a “cousin” photo shoot. 

You can see last years HERE

This year we decided to switch it up some. Mom bought matching pajamas when she went to Canada earlier this year for work.

Also, since Luke was a month old, we knew that we’d have to figure something out in order to include him.

Therefore, we decided to do a cousin AND grandparent shoot.

It was so much fun.

Emry’s favorite part was that her and “Baby Luke” both had a moose on their booties.

Christmas 2Christmas 3

My favorite part about this picture is both of my parents decided to make their “Sarah” face when the kids asked if they could do a silly picture…

Christmas 5Christmas EightChristmas ElevenChristmas NineChristmas OneChristmas Twelve

My favorite.

They’ve grown so much since last year.

B and E 1 (1)


I will say that I feel as though my outside shoot turned out a little better just due to better lighting and less distractions in the background but we had so much fun this year!

My goal is to learn how to use my camera and photo shop a little better over the next year. If anyone knows any good online and/or in person (close to Saline County) classes to take, please let me know!

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