December Update

This month is bitter sweet for me.

It’s the last month of my best year yet!

2019 will forever be one of the most special to me. From finding out we were pregnant and the whole pregnancy, starting my masters, hitting some of our goals, welcoming our sweet boy, it’s been a good one.

This month was four weeks of maternity leave for me. I will return to work the first Monday of January and this Momma is struggling. I’m forever thankful that we found someone who will love our boy tremendously while we are at work, but it still isn’t easy.

Here’s a look at Luke’s first December.



We celebrated our first Christmas party.


This picture will forever be important to me! My boy never got to meet one of my favorite men. Three years ago on December 14th, we said goodbye to Papa. My sweet boy would have adored him.


Luke got to meet all his new friends at the in-home Daycare he will be starting Monday. This group of women and the amazing Mrs. Karen make it a little easier to go back to work.


One whole month of Luke


Enjoying some tummy time! Luke actually doesn’t seem to mind it too much.


We started sleeping in our own bed and getting into a better night time routine.


Luke met Santa!! Words of wisdom: don’t wait until December 23rd to take your kid to see Santa… not smart.


The only picture I got from Christmas day. Isn’t the blanket his Kaykay made precious??


Sweet Luke showing off his new Christmas outfit from his Papa.

To be honest, these afternoon walks are going to be what I miss the most.


We got some sweet snuggles in!


Dad’s gift was ax-throwing! Ya’ll. We had soo much freaking fun. It’s not often the five of us do something together, just us, so this was a treat all around. It was extra special because a month ago, we weren’t sure we’d ever have family time with a family of five again. But God.


My boys are perfection. Keith took time off so Luke got to spend the day being Daddy’s helper while Momma went shopping for back to work clothes. We then spent time with our friends celebrating our favorite Uncle Chris.

Luke, I pray you have a friend that is to you what your Uncle Chris is to your Dad.


Momma got her first workout post Luke in! Thank you Glenn for pushing me and not killing me. If you’re looking for a gym that values new moms (or moms in general) Sparkfit is for you!

I didn’t reach my goal weight for the month, honestly because I wasn’t trying as hard as I should have been, but I’m still pretty proud of how far I’ve come.



  1. Lose six pounds (lost closer to four but I’m still only five away from pre-Luke weight)
  2. Read one book
  3. Apply 2
  4. Hair cut
  5. Clean closet


New goals:

  1. Lose six pounds (will officially put me under pre-Luke weight if so)
  2. Read one book
  3. Apply 2
  4. 10 K training (buy new outfit)
  5. Open investment account

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