Today is the day our little man has been waiting on for a long time now: he’s finally double digits!!

B has been excited about turning ten for that very reason alone. I tried to tell him that once you get there, you can’t go back. But he didn’t seem to care.

This past decade was full of changes and growth for B individually as well as our family. The next decade will be full of even more as we navigate the teenage years… girls, school, sports, etc.

So, B, here are ten things I hope for you in the next decade

  • I hope you keep telling us everything (or at least, most things). The older you get, the more you are going to experience. I know you think, or at least you will think, that you can handle it all… you can’t. At least, not well. Trust us with the big things. Let us help. And fill us in on the little things too. You may not understand it until you’re older, but that’s what we are here for.


  • I hope you fail. I know that sounds cruel, but it’s true. I hope you fail. And then I hope you get back up. I hope you try again. I hope you try different. I hope you learn from your failures. Some of my biggest failures turned out to be my biggest blessings. Sometimes, losing taught me more than winning ever could.


  • I hope you always keep laughing… at yourself, at jokes, etc. I hope you always see things on the brighter side. Sometimes, life is hard. It’s harder if you can’t learn to laugh at yourself.

DSC-1815 (1)

  • I hope you experience the joys of being a teenager. The pimples. The hormones. The driving experience, the late night with friends, prom, etc. I hope you experience every single bit of it. You won’t like all of it, and I SURE won’t like you experiencing it all, but you only get to be a teenager once. Enjoy it. Don’t try to wish it away. I promise you’ll make it through.


  • I hope you keep reading. I know that electronics, girls, and sports are going to soon consume the majority of your time. But please, keep reading. A little secret, the girls worth chasing, find a guy with a brain to be more attractive than a guy who can get to the next level on minecraft or whatever game you’re going to be in at this point.


  • I hope you find forever friends. I know it’s important to be liked and “popular” but hear me… it’s so much more important to find your forever friends. Think Uncle Chris on this one. The person(s) who will always be there. The person(s) who will help you move fifty times and only complain a little. The one(s) who will move in with you and your son when you need it. The one(s) who will go to concerts with you, be in  your wedding, hold your babies, etc. Find that person(s). I wish I had.

IMG-2681 (1)

  • I hope you work hard, but also have fun too. Your Dad and I, we are going to push you. Whether it’s school, soccer, or your first job, I hope you give it a hundred percent, always. I hope you find subjects and sports that you are passionate about. I hope that you always put in the work to be YOUR best (not THE best). That’s all we will ever want from you. But I also hope you have fun doing it. There’s so much more to life than being the best and having the best. Please remember that.

unnamed (10)

  • I hope you stay the big brother you are. It takes someone special to be a big brother. Luke (and any future siblings) sure are lucky to have you! I hope that you are an example to them of what to be. I hope you’re always mindful of the little eyes that see you and the little feet that will want to follow you.


  • I hope you learn to pick up after yourself… sooner than later, please! For the love man. No woman will want to pick up your crumbs and get stains out of your clothes forever. So please learn how to do your laundry, put your towel up on the cute towel rack I lovingly bought you, and maybe learn how to get the majority of food in your mouth instead of in your lap.


  • I hope you know how loved you are. As we go into the next decade I know there will be seasons of more bad than good. I’m here to tell you now, you’re still going to be loved. You’re going to mess up and so are we, but still, you will be loved.


Here’s to making your next decade the best one yet. I am forever grateful that I get to be a part of it.

Love you always,




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