January 2020


The first month of 2020 flew by! It was filled with many firsts for our sweet family and I’m so excited to get to share that with you all.


Mom went back to work! This was so incredibly hard for me. I cried for days you guys. But praise the Lord for Mrs. Karen and Luke’s new daycare group. I am surrounded by amazing working Momma’s who love their babies and their Mrs. Karen.

unnamed (4)unnamed (2)82963229_10157545332766953_4874154137060638720_n81993892_10157498460181953_3103887760042229760_n

While I’m still looking forward to my next chapter, it made the necessity of going back that much easier.


B-man turned ten! He also had his first true birthday party! It was so much fun and we loved getting to meet some of his new friends.

unnamed (3)

We updated the bathroom! This was the first room I really tried to update / decorate since we’ve moved into our home over two years ago. (besides the nursery of course).


And we finally bought a new couch!unnamed (6)unnamed (5)

unnamed (9)

Luke had THREE birthday parties for his friends at daycare. A Minnie mouse, Mickey mouse, and Dinosaur themed!! No worries, Momma ate his pizza and cake for him.


unnamed (7)

My big boy got his first round of shots! He is growing like a weed and is a healthy boy. We are so blessed and in love.

unnamed (8)

I started weight watchers this month! And I’m currently down 9 pounds! I’ll be sharing a few of my favorite recipes here soon so stay tuned!


  1. Lose six pounds (ended up being nine!)
  2. Apply
  3. Read one book
  4. Get back to the gym
  5. Open investment account


  1. Lose six pounds
  2. Apply
  3. Read one book
  4. Buy outfit
  5. Hair trim


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