About Me


Hello there sweet people!
First of all, thank you for stopping by. This blog is my “baby” and while it may look new, it’s been in the works for a LOT of time now. (Some of us are procrastinators who are scared to jump. Don’t judge).
A little about me: I am a Razorback loving girl from Arkansas. I am an advocate for dog rescues and my world revolves around my two “foyever” pups, Bella Grace (the shady Shepherd) and Tucker (the brindled “beagle”). And yes, just to get it out of the way on the front end, I’m one of “those” dog people.
My husband and I have currently gotten into Dave Ramsey. We are currently on “baby step one” but I’ll update as we go.
I have also gotten started into the “health kick”. I go to a personal trainer (if you’re in the Central area, Glenn with Sparkfit is boss), who told me that at my best weight, I’ll look more like him than his yoga instructor wife…. meaning, I have a muscular frame so why not accept it and build it up?
I have been married to my hunk of a husband for three years, and how he puts up with me, we’ll never know! We have big dreams, many of shared laughs, and a learned acceptance that opposites attract.
Thanks for doing this journey with me. I promise to try and make it worth your while.
Sarah F.





Meet the PUPS:

unnamed (18)

Hey guys! My name is Bella Grace. I am a two year old “Shepherd mix”.. you can tell I’m a mix because one of my ears stands straight up and the other flops. But Mom says that’s what makes me so cute! I became a Foy when Dad saw me and my brothers on facebook for free (Side note: please don’t do that to your pups. While I got lucky, many puppies are given to bad people who hurt them when you post FREE) and made a long drive to come pick me up. They didn’t know it at the time, but I was only four weeks old, much too young to be away from my mom. But, here we are!

Loves: Playing tug. Digging. Going for walks. Belly rubs. My Momma. Doggy daycare. Car rides.

Loves not: Men. Baths. Being told no!



And I’m Tucker! Formerly known as Raisin, thank goodness that changed. I was once a stray before being put in “doggy prison”. I was told that a few hours before my “time was up”, a nice nonprofit animal shelter (CARE) picked me to be one of their new pups. My Mom and Dad became my foster and after a failed adoption trial (I was too playful) Mom decided I was home to stay.

Loves: Bella Grace. Fetch. Walks. My family. The dog park. Cuddles. Having my ears cleaned.

Loves not: Having my nails clipped. Being in my kennel. Car rides.